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If you’re looking for the best sex toys available, then Groovy Vibe is the place for you. From vibrators to dildos, we offer a wide variety of products designed to help make your sex life more enjoyable. Our products are made with quality materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any body or pleasure need.

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The market for sex toys is insatiable. The global adult toys industry is set to reach a whopping US$58.6 Billion in sales by 2026. Highstreet lingerie retailers are now selling sexual wellness products and fetish wear in response to the increasing demand for these types of products, particularly from women. So, what’s driving this surge in popularity when it comes to dildo’s, vibrators and other sexual wellness products?

The simple answer is that the advent of the internet gave people greater access to information about sexual wellness. No longer was adult sexuality and its expression relegated to nudie magazines or backstreet adult stores. Now, anyone with an internet connection can find information about sex and the different ways of expressing sexuality. As a result, the stigma around sex toys has largely dissipated, particularly among younger people, who are experimenting a great deal more with their sexual tastes than any generation before them.

Purchasing ‘marital aids’ was once considered a last-ditch approach to saving a stale relationship whereas nowadays, couples view sex toys as simply an enhancement to their already healthy sexual playtime. Experimenting with different types of sex toys and outfits is just another great way to express themselves in the bedroom.

And for singles, sex toys are a great way to take care of their own sexual wellness without having to settle for sub-optimal relationships.

Adult sex toys such as vibrators, dildo’s and male masturbators come in every conceivable design, colour and size.

Couples are discovering the sex enhancing benefits of using sex toys together, because there’s nothing like a remote controlled love egg or a vibrating cock ring attached to a rabbit ears tickler to drive each other wild in the bedroom.

Many couples report that shopping together for a new sex toy and browsing all the naughty products on offer can really get them in the mood. Shopping for adult toys together is also a great way to find out what turns your partner on, while building the sexual tension for later.


A large range of EXCITING Adult Toys

We stock the most popular and exciting pleasure products updated constantly to ensure we’ve got the latest and greatest sex toys on the market. 

Women around the world are going wild over the new clitoral stimulators with suction, which mimic the type licking, sucking motion that sends most women to nirvana. Check out our great range of clitoral stimulators.

For men, why not try a Tenga Flip Orb Masturbator? This little beauty with its array of stimulating grooves, balls and dots is guaranteed to give you a blowjob to remember.

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