Groovy Vibe


As an esteemed global retailer, we understand the immense responsibility we hold in preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. Though our annual turnover may not require us to implement a Modern Slavery protocol, we recognise and uphold the moral obligation to ensure our operations never contribute to this cruel practice.

This statement sets out the Groovy Vibe policy and actions in relation to combating modern slavery in accordance with the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Groovy Vibe commits to understanding all potential modern slavery risks related to its business and the steps we must take to ensure our supply chains do not incorporate slavery and human trafficking and that no aspect of our business operation supports slavery and human trafficking.

Groovy Vibe is headquartered in Australia. We obtain our products from four wholesale warehouses supplying the Asia-Pacific, US and Europe region with over 20,000 products in a wide range of product categories. Our wholesale suppliers are located in Victoria Australia, Queensland Australia, Los Angeles California and Hitchin London.

We supply a majority of the major brands of adult products and we are always looking for locally-produced quality products to add to our catalogue. All of our suppliers are subject to our Supplier Code of Conduct which includes an obligation to ensure products are ethically sourced and that those suppliers also have in place modern slavery statements and procedures.

We encourage our customers to contact us if they have any concerns about our supply chains and we are committed to investigating and addressing those concerns. Concerns can be reported to