If it’s not on, it’s not on! So if you want to get it on, you’d better get some of these! Check out our huge range of condoms from quality brands like Durex and Trojan and slip one of these bad boys into your wallet today.


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It’s only good sex of it’s safe sex. That’s why having a supply of quality condoms on hand is a must, particularly if you’re having casual sexual encounters. Because you never know when the opportunity might arise and you don’t want to be caught short. Not to mention, there are such a great range of condoms to choose from these days, it’s like shopping for candy –  literally – some of them taste like candy.

Did you know that shopping for condoms is so much fun that some people actually collect them. In fact the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of condoms was awarded to Italian man, Amatore Bolzoni, whose collection of 2077 different condoms dates back to the 1980s. Now, we wouldn’t recommend actually using 40-year-old condoms but if collecting is your thing, who are we to stop you? Start your bid for the world record today.


Anyone who’s done a sex ed class will tell you that condom use is beneficial in many ways, from preventing pregnancy to preventing a myriad of really gross sexually transmitted diseases, some of which will stay with you for life!

Most men aren’t big fans of wearing condoms during sex because they do reduce sensation somewhat, however latex tech is getting better all the time. Nowadays you can get condoms so thin that you’ll almost be able to forget you’re wearing one at all. Try our range of ultra thins if you don’t believe us.

And wearing condoms doesn’t have to be a drag when you can use them to make bedroom activities more fun. Check out our range of flavoured, coloured and novelty condoms and you’ll be certain to find something to jazz up your sex life.

And let’s not forget the very well-endowed. Condom use can sometimes be daunting for men with large penises because, traditionally, it has been a bit tricky for bigger men to find condoms that fit properly and don’t slip down during sex. We have a great range of extra-large condoms for the titans among us.


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