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More and more people are discovering the joys of anal play, and is it any wonder when you know that the anus is one of the most sensitive parts of the body with one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings. Anal play can enhance regular sex for both men and women because of the link between the nerves of the anus and the clitoris in women and the base of the penis and prostate in men.

Anal play isn’t just about penetration with a penis, there is a wide world of pleasure products designed specifically for entry through the back door and some of them are very pretty. Take the jewel butt plug, a contoured shape with a gorgeous diamante inset on the end to bling up your pucker. The Icicles No. 76 rose glass butt plug is our favourite.


With patience, anal play can be extremely pleasurable and satisfying. But it’s important to start small to avoid injury. So where do you start?

Anal Play Equipment

Introducing your back door to new visitors is something best done with a well-designed beginner anal toy and plenty of lubrication. The anus isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina, so a good water-based lubricant is a necessity. And start small, as small as you can find.

A great beginner toy is the Anal Adventures Matric Beaded Loop Butt Plug which has a series of super smooth beads that gradually progress in size. The important thing is to use a toy that is purpose designed for anal play so it doesn’t get stuck and it won’t cause irritation or injury.

Start Slooooowwwww

Yes, slow and steady wins the race. It’s best to start anal play slowly and when you’re already sexually aroused. Sexual arousal will help the sphincter muscles relax, which is key to pleasurable backdoor love. Slowly introducing a lubricated pinky finger or a similarly slimline purpose designed butt toy such as a thin vibrator with a flared base or a set of small love beads while stimulating other pleasure centres on the body, will help you get used to the sensation and stay relaxed. And did we mention lube? You need lube. Lots of lube.


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